Agreement of understanding:

When you register as a supporting member you understand that upon the launch of our business network you will receive an NDA that will provide the guide line of how our business operates and confidential information.

Your membership will allow you to split a percentage of all sales with other members in your assign group from multiple businesses under our business network which includes all revenues generated from all startups, affiliate sales funnels and commercial projects.

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Membership expires after 180 Days.

Affiliate Marketing Business

We are launching up to 1,000 affiliate sites which generate income when visitors purchase a digital product, click on a sponsor ads or sign up for a business product or service.  Each time a commission or referral fee is generated 49% is placed in an escrow account to be paid out to members.   

We provide the staff, management and pay for ads daily to promote several digital products on Facebook, Google Adwords, Headsup, Postcards, Email and SMS in addition to our members posting ads in their social media accounts.

As We Raise Capital We Will Be Launching  Several Local Businesses In The USA, Canada, Europe & Caribbean

Any sales, commissions, referral fees you will share in 49% of all revenues.


Got An Idea To Add A Startup Business To Our Network

We assist with business development, marketing and promotion

We help to providing startup funding to our business entrepreneurs.

Agree to a 50/50 business partnership

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