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UCN is Launching a network of over 1,000 income sharing businesses where all members in our community with participate in income sharing from multiple income streams.
* Support group earn up to $500/week working with UCN
* Affiliate Group share in Affiliate Marketing Revenues
* VIP Group Share in affiliate marketing business and startup ventures.
* Free memberships will be available after we officially launch in the Fall of 2019

- We are creating 1,000 business sites with multiple income streams embedded for our members.

- Website/eCommerce Store to Sell Digital Downloadable Products

- Select 50 Products from our wholesale drop-shipper to add to our community Store on Shopify (No upfront purchase required (use UCN purchasing account up to $3,000/week) you get 50% of the net profits from any purchase in your collection.)

- 1,00 Hosting & Domain for members free

-Income Share from Our Affiliate Marketing Business with over 1,000 sites.

This is a $4,500 valued package that include setup, affiliate workshops, eBooks, videos, software, marketing and management that registered members get for free.
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Participants must have an account to receive payments each month.

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What is an Income-Sharing Community and is it Right for You?

When people first hear about UCN income sharing community, some was skeptical because it did not require buying stocks or referring others like a multi level marketing company does.

We are building and promoting over 1,000+ website for our members. Each website have digital products with pre-build landing pages, websites and links that will be embedded into the members website where they can get paid directly based based on which affiliate network they are registered with.

This is an opportunity for anyone to help themselves out of debts, make residual extra income or raise funding to get a business started or payoff a bill, medical expense, Court/legal cost etc.,

Learn more about our Job opportunities in the Caribbean available for members.

Most people are now sure they would be up for sharing finances with a spouse – much less an entire community. However based on the concept and generosity  of the company’s founder to give away 49% of every sale from multiple businesses to all members in the community.

The more that people learned about UCN Community, the more they realized that many of us are already doing some sort of income-sharing.  The difference is that we often think of it as expense sharing.

If you’ve ever lived in a group house, been part of a meal plan, or co-owned a vehicle, you’ve essentially been income-sharing.  Because there is no purchasing of stocks required, our members get a money making website that is promoted by UCN year round and a guarantee that if the members does not make back his payment for the website within one year the member will be refunded 100%

VIP members work part time with our community projects – ranging from community businesses development and volunteers for community outreach projects.

UCN Community

In return for joining everyone’s get to share in 49% of our revenues from any business, affiliate websites or business project we own or manage.