Life Time Membership

$2,500.00 $499.00

Make residual income from over 100 Sources for lifetime get your free landing page and website today.

  • Intouch n Beyond Store

  • Join community (online webinars) $99

  • Website design service

  • Annual music festival

  • Security contracts

  • Home maintenance contracts

  • Liquidation acquisition & export

  • Business virtual call center

  • Acorn investment

  • Travel agency / Dream trips

  • Free 1 week stay at our B&B vacation home in Jamaica.

  • Restaurant

  • Hair salon and hair supply



UCN us an exclusive income sharing community for serious online marketers if you are interested in joining there is a $2,500 membership required.

  • We are establishing 100 location or website for members around the world to join from.

    • Members will receive an annual $2,500 bonus starting January 2020

    All business and event managed by UCN members this group of 100 members will share in 49% of the revenues generated.

  • Each time someone join your group you would pay out 49% to them joining your network.


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