Jamaica is best known for its tropical beauty and vast resources, but will soon be known for one of the world’s modern marvel.  Dr. Micklewhite founder is joining with other engineers, developers and scientist to draft plans to design and technological plans of  a biodome shelter that will reproduce sunlight, harness energy and use natural resources deep into the mountain to sustain humans and animal life.

With several hydro powered and wind power used for producing energy from live spring water flowing inside the mountain, will make our project a tourist attraction for year into the future.

Our goal is to raise $500,000 to to acquire this property by the mountain in Jamaica to start building one of the largest community bunker/shelter designed with all the latest technology to withstand any type hurricanes or man made disaster.

The purpose of the facility will be uses to store supplies and provide resources where hundreds of people can live for more than several years deep. We are preparing for an unpredictable future of disasters that may hit in years to come to protect life on the island.

Inside the Shelter Where People Can Life for Years (Members & Supporters first choice)

Upon completion supporters who contribute towards our “Disaster Building Fund”will have a guaranteed pass to visit or live onsite freely.

$0 of $500,000 raised